Kejriwal's Privacy Policy


Kejriwal wants its Green Friends and future Green Friends to feel secure while accessing the Kejriwal website.



The objective of this privacy policy is to explain how and why Kejriwal uses and protects any information that our website visitors submit to us with consent.

Kejriwal may change this policy in the future, therefore we suggest that you check this page from time to time.



We only collect that which is provided to us by our website visitors. If you don't fill out any forms and/or sign up to become our Green Friend, you will not appear in our records.

The following is the basic data that we may ask from you if you decide to become a Green Friend:

  1. Name of the Individual or Organization.
  2. Contact Information (this will include email) giving us your address and/or telephone number will be optional.
  3. Your Green Story. This will be your personal story about how you are contributing to sustaining a greener planet.
  4. The type of green products, if any that you purchase or sell. You can also let us know if you would like to either purchase or sell Kejriwal products.


The data that is obtain from our website visitors will be collected and sent to our database. We shall also send the data to a designated email to store our back up information in case of emergencies.


Kejriwal assures its website visitors that we have instilled the proper security measures to protect yours and our information from any kind of online threat. Guidelines and a chain of authority have also been placed to safeguard the disclosure of any data.



Kejriwal allows you the right to either consent or deny cookies. Our cookies aren't harmful to you though. They will not give us access to your computer or any information about you apart from what you decide to share with us. These cookies will only help us know how many times have our website visitors, viewed certain pages. This will give us a better understanding as to which pages are attracting attention and which need to be either redesigned or eliminated.


If you don't feel comfortable having cookies remembering which pages you have viewed, you may change your browser settings to decline them



Kejriwal's objective of keeping our commitment to sustainability involves us bridging the gap by acting like a platform where ideas can be exchanged between individuals, organizations and countries. It is due to this objective that we do disclosure a small portion of your information.There is an exception in to whom, what gets disclosed. We do not disclose any information regarding individuals to third parties. Instead we provide basic information about green companies, NGOs, government agencies, and academic programs to individuals. This basic information will not include more than the following:

  1. organization's name
  2. contact information
  3. website (if available) and in a few simple words, which the organization can provide themselves to Kejriwal's website
  4. a line(s) (no more than seven) about how they contribute to sustaining the environment and/or what actions or uses have they done or come up with to provide greener solutions.

Kejriwal may also have to disclose your personal information to comply with the law and/or if a court order is issued. If at any point Kejriwal feels threatened by your association with our company, our website and our Green Friends, then we will disclose your personal information for our own safety and protection to the appropriate authorities. We will advise you in case such a need arises.



There are several links on our website that will take you to various Green Friends that have joined us. Once you click on these links and leave our website to go to another Green Friend's website, you leave Kejriwal's domain. We do not control how the other website is run, therefore we cannot be held responsible for the protection and privacy of your data.



If you have any questions regarding Kejriwal's Privacy Policy, you may contact us at:


Kejriwal Paper USA Ltd. 
144-03 Jamaica Ave, Suite #2, 3rd floor
Jamaica, NY, 11435
Telephone: (718) 291-4305 / (718) 785-4680
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