The Terms and Conditions of Sale


  1. Before Kejriwal Paper USA Ltd. (KPUL) can accept any orders, we kindly advise all our clients to complete a Credit Application and Agreement; this is just a standard procedure. Your personal information regarding your finances and/or credit will not be shared with a third party. Your information will be kept confidential and will only be used for the purpose of evaluating your application.

  2. While evaluating applications, KPUL might request the following to help better setup an accurate credit limit for our clients: interview the company CFO or Principal, request personal guarantee from company principal(s), purchase and view credit bureau reports, request and review financial statements, and verify credit references. We typically inform our clients of their established credit line by email

  3. Once the application has been approved and line of credit established, then it is automatically agreed upon that our clients will be billed in accordance to the terms of sale that will be stated on KPUL's invoice(s).

  4. Payments in the form of checks should be mailed to our P.O. Box which will be printed on our invoice(s). Payments can also be wired; this information would be made available upon request by our KPUL's Controller.

  5. In the event that a client has fallen behind on any payment upon its due date, they will have to pay a finance charge. KPUL will compute the charge on the outstanding past due balance and never let it exceed the maximum rate that is allowed by law. The Federal rate currently is _________________.

  6. Any extended credit that was given to the client by KPUL will also be revoked because of the client's failure to make payments upon due date and/or if KPUL believes it has a sufficient enough reason to protect its assets. If at any time KPUL fears that the client might declare bankruptcy or bring upon themselves a situation which might jeopardize KPUL's assets; KPUL has the right to demand the entire unpaid balance immediately.

  7. Returned checks will result in the client being charged a service fee of _________. The acceptance of our agreement binds the client to this condition.

  8. If the client refuses to willing fulfill their duty of paying the balance due then KPUL will have to use legal action. The cost that KPUL will incur during the process will subsequently be billed to the former client.

The Conditions of Sale

  1. Approval: KPUL holds the right to either approve and accept or reject all contracts and orders made by the client. If at any early point the client wishes to change a term or condition in the contract or order, they must notify KPUL in writing within ten (10) days from when the agreement was agreed upon.

  2. Prices: The price quote provided to the client by the customer service personnel/sales personnel will only be deemed valid for a period of 30 days. These price quotes will not include any federal, state or local taxes. KPUL shall invoice the prices and charges at the time of shipment to the client and also include the taxes that will apply.

  3. Cancellation: Orders can only be canceled once KPUL has assured itself that it will not suffer losses due to this cancellation; it is because of this condition that the client has to wait for KPUL's approval before the cancellation can take effect.

  4. Purchase Orders: For all orders over 10,000 US dollars, a written Purchase Order is required from the client. Any Purchase Order of a lesser amount can be sent via email or discussed verbally over the phone.

  5. Returns: The only products that will be accepted must be unopened, less than 30 days old from the date of delivery and be in resalable condition. Products that were custom made for the client aren't eligible for return. The client will not be given a full refund because a 15% ($300 minimum) restocking fee will be charged. The client will also be responsible for the return freight.

  6. Taxes: Taxes will not be added to the clients invoice only if the client provides a Certificate of Resale

  7. Delivery: Transportation arrangements, freight charges and F.O.B points will be made available in KPUL's published sales policy statements or provided by KPUL's sale /customer service personnel's quote. If pricing quoted is freight collect or ex-warehouse, customer will have to make arrangements for pick up. Appointments at the warehouse location are essential for a smooth pickup.

  8. Time of Performance: KPUL shall not be held accountable for delays that were caused by circumstances beyond its control. Such circumstances include but aren't limited to, strikes, fires, lockouts, wartime, natural disasters and governmental regulations.

  9. Indemnification: The client shall protect KPUL from claims of infringement of patents, copyrights, trademarks

  10. Non-Waiver: When a waiver is granted it will only be applied for that one time transaction. It cannot be assumed that a one time waiver can be applied to future transactions.